May. 18th, 2010

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Hmmm nearly done with Tuesday already...

Got a semi busy week ahead... no West Perth game to do this week as we have a bye due to the State Game between WA and Vic (aussie rules for those new round here that dont know lol)... but, I am doing the stats for the WA State team :-) was meant to be going down to training tonight for team photos but apparently the shirts arent ready, might still drop in anyway... Then Jumper Presentations (and likely our photos) on Thursday night, then the game on Saturday

Then on Sunday I have the 14km fun run/walk I signed up for... in my case definitely a walk! Have been walking 2-3 times a week in prep, including a few longer 90 min + walks, and surviving that, and with the pace I've been doing should hopefully make the 14km inside 2 hours, or there abouts... that'll be the ideal aim, but will just be happy to make it! Am sure whatever the result I am going to be stiff and sore on Monday!

Just signed up for the next semester of the current radio/broadcasting course that I am doing, should be good, moving on from the basics we have done this semester in the Cert III level course and developing and evolving those further. Plus Russ our course co-ordinator said that one of the guys who did our course last year and is now working on a local GBLT Radio program wants us to do some work for that leading up to this years Pride Parade, recording some promos and ads and interviews beforehand and maybe even some stuff on the night, so looking forward to that if it happens

Oh and still waiting on my new car! They said 3-4 weeks for delivery, and it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I agreed and signed, so should be soon... hopefully!


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