Jun. 23rd, 2010


Jun. 23rd, 2010 12:55 pm
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Ok so much for my good intentions to keep posting and do regular updates lol but yes I am still here, alive, reading, commenting (occasionally) posting (sporadically) and generally just being

A quick update

Next set of holidays are in the middle of planning and booking, going back to Sydney/NSW for a week-10 days or so at the end of July/start of August. Plans at this stage include going to see the Swans v Geelong match out at the Olympic stadium, catching Wicked again (at least once, maybe more) among other things. Contemplating whether to do a side trip somewhere, the snow or elsewhere, still a bit up in the air

Got my new phone last week, HTC Desire, fun, fancy, speccy... another tech toy :-)

Ordered some new books online that have just started arriving, so will have to find some time to read. One new one on Radio tips and broadcasting, so related to study, the others on relationships, alternatives, Poly, open, non-monogamy...

Been watching and enjoying the World Cup, well most of it anyway, the Aussie performances havent been so great... though still planning on getting up at 2.30am tomorrow morning to see if they can swing a miracle and get through to the next stage

Football (Aussie style) locally has been going ok, Falcons turned things around a bit the last few weeks. Did talk again last night to the guys in charge about needing to get people organised and prepared and trained up to cover my role in case I am not back next season, or not all the time, and will have to keep pushing that over the next few weeks.

Got a bye this weekend though so no footy commitments :-) woohoo! Have to decide what to do with the weekend, should really avoid doing too much and save money for the Sydney trip, though might at least get out of the city for a drive or something.

Study has eased up, we're in the last 2 weeks of this semester but dont have classes, just time to finish assignments and the like which I'm pretty much done with. Then a 2 week break, then into Cert IV and the second half of the year. The Sydney trip will come a couple of weeks into next semesters class, but already got the ok, will just fit in the study, maybe do some stories or reports to be slotted into the radio show back here.

Otherwise quiet and steady, not much happening with work, and the rest... well may end up posting something but more likely will be under the filters if I do :-)


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