May. 12th, 2010 09:28 am
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It's another one of those days where I am not sure whether having full and unfettered internet access at work (including twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, and elsewhere) is a good or bad thing... good for my sanity maybe lol not so great for avoiding distractions... that said am still getting done the work I need to, just...

Wednesday is not just hump day, its the one day a week I have the full day in the office and dont have to go off to classes, so really should try and clear up all the stuff I'm half way through!
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Well not quite regeneration Dr Who style lol but a change of default user pic and a slight cosmetic changeover ... was tossing up between this and a similar format blue one, so may still change again lol

And as I've said before, working on posting more... looked back and realised how little I'd posted here of late, especially of any substance lol so looking to change that... and maybe chase down some new people/friends/community, so feel free to pimp me out or suggest people lol


May. 10th, 2010 03:31 pm
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Ok for some reason this went and got stuck in my head... so thought I'd inflict it on others!

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*checks the pulse* yes, this blog/journal is still alive and kicking, just...

Time to try and revive/regenerate, and not in a Dr Who/bad lsd trip way lol

Watch this space.... maybe... :-)
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Perth Counts Cost of Freak Storm

I was lucky, no real damage at home, some minor damage to the car, bit of fun at work (as the pics show)

But thoughts with [ profile] goth_kittie who had the lower level of her house under thigh high water, so pretty much lost everything down there... and with anyone else who is dealing with serious problems... sighs cant wait til this week is over...

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Mar. 16th, 2010 08:43 pm
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When you push on the things that make you afraid--when you deliberately expose yourself to those things--you rob them of their power. On the other hand, when you give in to those fears, or (worse yet) when you pass relationship rules designed to hide the things you're afraid of--"No kissing when I am around!"--you reinforce those fears, and you allow them to control your life. Building your life around your fears is not an effective strategy for leading a happy life; and maneuvering your partner's behavior around your fears is not a good strategy for building a happy relationship..

[ profile] tacit / Franklin Veaux

How to Become a Secure Person
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The most important thing is family; they're the ones you come home to. Sometimes it's the one you're born into, sometimes it's the one you make yourself - Queer As Folk
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have the feeling I want something more... but not sure, and/or not sure where or what... as usual, confusion reigns supreme

All change

Feb. 8th, 2010 09:24 am
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Ok, as of today, its all change... gone from a quiet schedule of working just 4 days a weekat a very laid back and relaxed pace, to bow balancing full time study and work, meaning 10-12 hour days 5 days a week (6 days a week once my football commitments restart in a couple of weeks time)

But looking forward to it... for any who havent got the details yet, doing a TAFE course in media/radio, including presentation, production, prep, plus covering stuff like linking in to online and promotion, podcasts etc etc... and already the possibility of doing some stuff with one of the local community radio stations has been raised so will see what comes of that
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TAFE orientation was good, excited about the course, and hours wise may work in better with work than first seemed... the rest of the day was shit, hassles with the phone am going to need to take further, and now landlord/owner being pricks and screwing us around... day of ups and downs :-/


Feb. 3rd, 2010 09:16 am
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Orientation day for the new TAFE course today, then classes start next week. A couple more days of not so busy, then into 6 hectic months :-/

Hopefully my phone will be repaired and ready for pick up at some point today so will have it back by this evening.

Air con back on and working in the office... yay!


Jan. 25th, 2010 12:52 pm
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I don't understand this notion of ethnic pride. "Proud to be Irish," "Puerto Rican pride," "Black pride." It seems to me that pride should be reserved for accomplishments; things you attain or achieve, not things that happen to you by chance. Being Irish isn't a skill; it's genetic. You wouldn't say. "I'm proud to have brown hair," or "I'm proud to be short and stocky." So why the fuck would you say you're proud to be Irish? I'm Irish, but I'm not particularly proud of it. Just glad! Goddamn glad to be Irish!

George Carlin


Jan. 25th, 2010 09:01 am
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The Great Australian Internet Blackout

What’s the problem?

The Federal Government is pushing forward with a plan to force Internet Service Providers to censor the Internet for all Australians. This plan will waste millions of dollars and won’t make anyone safer.

1. It won’t protect children: The filter isn’t a “cyber safety” measure to stop kids seeing inappropriate content such as R and X rated websites. It is not even designed to prevent the spread of illegal material where it is most often found (chat rooms, peer-to-peer file sharing).
2. We will all pay for this ineffective solution: Under this policy, ISPs will be forced to charge more for consumer and business broadband. Several hundred thousand dollars has already been spent to test the filter – without considering high-speed services such as the National Broadband Network!
3. A dangerous precedent: We stand to join a small club of countries which impose centralised Internet censorship such as China, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The secret blacklist may be limited to “Refused Classification” content for now, but what might a future Australian Government choose to block?

Help turn the lights out on the proposed Internet filter by joining the Great Australian Internet Blackout.
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Hmmmm... wonder if this is whats at play with some of our power issues, the Liberal Government trying to get the birth rate up out in Ellenbrook... scary thought hey [ profile] moonvoice? LOL

Lights go out to make more babies

South Korea's health ministry, which is charged with boosting the nation's low birthrate, is turning off the lights in its offices once a month to encourage staff to go home early and make more babies.

The ministry said in a statement on Wednesday the switches will be flicked at 7.30 pm every third Wednesday in the month to "help staff get dedicated to childbirth and upbringing".

Those with urgent duties will be exempt from the switch-off.

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