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A longer passage this time, but then a lot of this hit home...

Part of living in reality is having the wisdom to pick out friends and lovers with whom you have a flow and a feeling of mutuality. Sometimes friendships are instantaneous, similar to falling in love, we meet a kindred spirit and feel a strong liking that continues for years. Sometimes those instantaneous feelings can mislead us. Other times friendships can evolve over time.

You can't make a friendship happen. Friendships are gifts that evolve with their own flow, rythym and pace. You can help them along by reciprocating and doing your part, but the magnetism happens a its own level. Even so, we need to moderate our instant attractions to others with wisdom from our past.

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As you are creating a circle of friends and lovers, reach out, join in the dance, bring your wisest self into the conversation, be willing to reflect on yourself, and go toward that which helps you find out what a precious jewel you are.

To quote the Sufi poet Hafiz,

We have not come here to take prisoners,
but to surrender ever more deeply to freedom and joy...
Run my dear
from anything
that may not strengthen
Your precious budding wings

For we have not come here to take prisoners
Or to confine our wondrous spirits
But to experience ever and ever more deeply
Our divine courage, freedom, and Light!
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Many people distort truth to gain approval, impress people, cover their shame, or avoid getting in trouble. Deception is often a bad habit that was modeled by our parents. We say we're fine when we feel lousy. We say we don't need help when we do. We dramatize a story to get sympathy. In other words, we get short-term gains but sustain long-term losses of integrity.

Not being truthful reflects fear and a lack of inner awareness, atunement to physical sensations, emotions and self-acceptance. Indeed, being truthful is tantamount to self-acceptance. If I tell you who I am without exaggerating or diminishing anything, I am fully present to you. I am not ashamed, afraid, or needing to "buy" the relationship in any way.

Charlotte Kasl, If the Bhudda Got Stuck
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Our concept that the sun rises is an illusion because the sun is still and we increasingly see it on the horizon as the earth turns towards the east. To play with this idea, the next time you watch the "sun rise" shift your focus and imagine yourself sitting on the earth as it turns toward the east with the sun coming into view. You can do the reverse with a sunset. The deeper purpose of this exploration is to get in the habit of rattling your mind and always entertaining the idea that a different perspective exists, possibly one beyond your comprehension. To get beyond your stuck place you repeatedly ask "Is there some bigger truth beyond my grasp that I am unable to see from where I am standing?".

Charlotte Kasl, If the Bhudda Got Stuck
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Seeing clearly in reality helps us make wise choices. We're right here in present time, seeing people and situations as they are without superimposing past images, expectations, or interpretations. Reality includes seeing a situation from many sides so you can make reasoned decisions based on a whole picture, not just a fragment of reality. It's like walking out of a very limited, murky space into a clear sunny day and looking in all directions.

Charlotte Kasl, If The Bhudda Got Stuck


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