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Had a lunch/gathering in Kings Park today with a group of people I used to work with back 7-8 years ago, the shift work/security job I had at that time for a couple of years... wasnt a huge workplace, but of the 20-30 odd people who went through there, and the 15-20 that were invited, only 7 turned up... and one of those was my father, so not exactly a lot of catching up to do there lol...

But in the end, we sat, remembered a few things/people, the occasional "where are they now" but otherwise didn't say all that much... certainly I didn't...

I think that, plus the fact that after leaving the telstra job a few weeks ago and only having a handful of people come for drinks afterwards, and not hearing from any of them since I left (despite leaving my home e-mail and several saying they'd keep in touch) made me realise that even though we may feel at times when we work with people for so many hours a week that you get to know them and are close and friendly with them, in the end its really not that way, it is really just a light and superficial interaction... which becomes even more of a shame when you realise that for most of the last 10 years or so, those work interactions have been my mine social interaction/outlet... that plus the football club, which again while enjoyable is similarly superficial...

Anything more than that, any more real and in-depth friendships, have been those I've had on here, online... and dont get my wrong, I still very much value those, and some of those have been as deep and meaningful as any friendships I have ever had rt... but as even those I share that with will now and admit, thats no substitute for something rt, having people you can catch up with, do things with, talk and share with... and as catching up with someone once or twice recently also made me realise, I miss just that physical contact, even if it is just a hug, a touch, sitting with/leaning against someone while watching a movie or whatever, even if it is all platonic...

all this without even touching on or getting into my lack of anything deeper than that as well *S*

Hmmm ok thats gone off topic from where I started *S* guess what I'm realising is that times and people change, friendships change, and today made me realise that many times, if not most, you cant go back, can revive what was (whatever it was) and that its time to focus on moving forward, working on improving and creating new and growing friendships and possibilities... whatever form they end up taking, and wherever they actually end up going... even more so now I'm in a work environment where my interactions with others is a lot more limited, but then I think today made me realise even without that this would still be the case...
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Was out and about taking pics with S again on Thursday night (same friend I was out with for these shots in this post here ), an enjoyable relaxing night with some good company *S* and a few fun shots... not that I am the camera/photo addict she is lol but enjoyed, will have to do it more often...

pics under the cut (just for size reasons) )
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Leaving hugs and smooches and birthday wishes for the wonderful Ms [ profile] f_l_i_r_t

Love you hun, hope your safe and well and alls ok, and that your day is a good one...


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