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Ok the latest renovations done, changed, repainted, reformatted, whatever you want to call it lol

thoughts and input welcome as always *S* oh and anyone with display issues ie Mac users ie [ profile] f_l_i_r_t then let me know and I'll see if I can be bothers changing again :-P lol love ya babe ;-) you know that *hugs*


Mar. 5th, 2007 11:44 pm
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seems mostly quiet round here... LJ I mean...

in the last month or two, gained a couple of new friends *S* but just noticed I lost one or two as well... sorry to see them go (not that they'll be reading this obviously) but such is life... good luck to them anyway (just hope it wasnt something i said lol)

one or two others gone quiet or considering their LJ future... which I guess I am a little as well... as in what I want from it and what i want to use it for...

or maybe am just feeling reflective and comtemplative in general, trying to work out what i want and where i want to go with life in general... its been quiet in some ways, and while thats ok at times... but then with football season about toi restart at least time wise it will be getting a bit more hectic... just need to work on changes in other aspects in life...
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As a starting point, this journal... what to do with it, how to use it, make the most of it...

For too long I think i have focussed on it too much as purely an entertainment tool... either through reading others posts... or trying to entertain others through my posts... or entertain myself through getting comments on my posts... all too often leading to frustration when things dont go that way, and blaming others for this, rather than accepting blame upon myself, and/or just accepting others for who they are and what they feel they can or want to give...

Time to accept that unlike some others, I'm not going to ever end up with a friends list in the hundreds, having to wade through masses of comments on my posts... and that that is not something I need or should desire anyway, that it should be more about me, about me being myself.. and if people enjoy that enough to stay around and be a part of that, great, if not, then trying to force them or put on an act to keep them isnt going to work... time to be happy making this journal about be just being me (which it mostly has anyway, this is more about being happy with that choice) rather than trying to put on an act or persona to entertain the masses (and this is in no way a shot to any out there who do that, and/or have large friends lists, even if the journal is personal/honest... nothing wrong with any of that, this is just about me being me and doing whats right for me)

I've often said, be it in relation to LJ or other things/relationships/areas... that it is about quality rather than quantity... that it is much more important to connect with and have a high quality of interaction with those around you (as i know i do with some here *S*) than to have a huge number of people around... and while i have always meant it, at least on some level, there has always been that negative, that doubt, hat desire to just be popular, that has snuck in at times, undermining the words and thoughts... but no, now I am staying positive, and working to not just say the words, to think and act that way, but to beleive them and be happy with my choice...

So, thats me, thats where i am heading... for those that are already here and want to stay round to see where this journey goes, your more than welcome, I'm not leaving LJ or shunning anyone... I still and always will value your honest thoughts, comments and opinions, be it from some of the true, close friends i have here, to the more casual acquaintance... this is more about accepting what comes, not getting angry/frustrated and blaming myself, or others fora lack of comments or responses or whatever... about making the most of this journal, and of this life...

And if anyone does feel its time to move on, either now or later, thats cool, thats part of life, we grow and change, and as part of that some friendships stay, some grow stronger, while others fade and drift away, enjoyable and pleasing (at least hopefully so) while it lasted... not all interactions are meant to go on forever... hopefully whatever direction life takes you is for the best, and helps you make out of life what you desire *S*


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