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Want to know whats really annoying? spend 2-3 hours driving to get all the way to the top of Mt Buller (for those not sure, one of Australias top ski resorts in winter, big for mountain biking etc in summer, but now in spring just for awesome mountain views) getting to see the great views, loving it, pulling out the camera... and having it die after a handful of shots :-( dammit!!!!! not sure how good those few were, cant be bothered looking now, will check when I get back, but dammit now am without a camera

and what makes it even more annoying, just checked the canon website, guess what, 12 month warranty... and guess how long ago I bought it? yup, just over a year ago!!! bastards!!!!!!!!!!! Think they offered an extended warranty when I bought it too but I knocked it back, will have to check when I get back home...

might have to re-evaluate now, was looking at a new mobile, if the camera is buggered I might fork out for a better mobile with a top quality lens/camera like the N95

anyway last night here at the YHA, off along the ocean road and to SA tomorrow, back home sunday night, not sure what the net chances are like between here and there so might be on less, will see
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Well had been over here 8 days, hadnt broken out and used the camera once... then went out today and took 142 pics and a couple of minutes of video on my camera... mind you most were taken from a moving train so probably blurry and not useable lol will see later...

but yeah today went up and rode on the old steam train the Puffing Billy, goes up through the forest and into the hills, took it all the way through to this lovely old country town called Gembrook, all old stile buildings and cafes, plus a nice native bushland walk just on the edge of town... and then train back again... being a quieter day the train driver stops on one of the better curves over an old tressle bridge and lets those who want off for, backs up, and then comes past again so they can take shots of it going past at full steam... got video of this both times he did it, so if they came out ok may post when I get back home, will post the best of the still shots then as well (glad I picked that typo up before I posted, in shots I had typed an I instead of O lol)

next update

Nov. 3rd, 2007 07:20 pm
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Ok, another quick update *S*

Last night went to the night Race meeting out at Moonee Valley... came out $100 in front *G* so a good evening, and enjoyable anyway, horse racing under lights at night is something different/enjoyable

Then Derby day at Flemington today... and without trying to sound like a perve, or rude.... god damn the eye candy!!! LOL you dont go to the races for the horses (though that was fun) you go for the view... and that does work both ways, hot guys in suits as well *G* but lots of hot sexily dressed women *S* most enjoyable, cant wait til Tuesday now... though did lose everything I made last night plus more lol but hey thats half the fun of it, and only bet/lost what I could afford and had budgeted for *S*

but after today have decided might have to look at getting to Perth Cup day this year, or next year I mean (seeing as its new years day lol) anyone else interested? eye candy aside, and even without getting overly drunk, is just a good fun day

now just trying to decide if I can get motivated early and get up into the hills and do the Puffing Billy ride *S* or if I save that for midweek when it might be quieter, and sleep in a bit tomorrow lol


Nov. 2nd, 2007 12:28 pm
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Essay and assignments done and in... now to go enjoy myself for a bit!
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first off have to say typical melbourne weather today lol in fact has been most days... everyone jokes about "4 seasons in one day" and "if you dont like the weather wait 5 minutes" lol but spend time here and you'll realise its actually true! does change and adjust that quickly...

Today was mostly quiet, stayed in and worked on the uni work I have due in tomorrow afternoon... and will probably do the same for most of the day tomorrow before heading out in the evening for a bit, least then that part will be over and done with and I just have to fit in some reading later on around other stuff

Yesterday was fun though, did a tour of the Telstra Dome stadium, through all the coaches boxes and change rooms, through the workings of the stadiums, the media room which is used for press conferences and as the green room for concerts (so stood in the same room used by Bono and U2, Robbie Williams, the Pope, Bon Jovi) and even got to go down and stand on the ground itself! well we werent allowed on the actual grass, just the outer circle of artificial turf that runs round the edge lol

After that went to the MCG and saw WA thrash the Vics *G* think I may ave been bout the only WA fan there lol but then there was hardly anyone there at all, made to seem even worse by it being such a huge stadium! was awesome just to be in there, would love to be there someday with a capacity crowd... will go back later on and do the tour itself on a non-match day, they still run the tours during domestic cricket matches but what you get to see is restricted

Anyway thats it for now, time to et some more study/essay work done... yeah am not enjoying that art of the holiday lol
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well other side of the country for me WA friends, still the other side of the world for others LOL

3 1/2 hour flight wasnt too bad, didn't sleep, but napped in periods, luckily had the middle seat between me and the person on the ailse empty so plenty of room... and the in flight foxtel was free which was even better (when it worked!)

So right now its 6pm here, am operating on about an hours half sleep, well not counting the times I nodded off for a few secs on the free city centre tram today! lol spent the day wandering the city and the trams, getting used to public transport here... tomorrow its cricket at the mcg lol

The rooms small, to be expected, a single room but it actually has 2 single beds so room to spread stuff out... hardest part though was trying to remember how to make a bed with a flat instead of fitted sheet! lol and am sure sleeping in a single rather than a queen will be interesting, but then am that tired it may not be an issue

Anyway enough for now, dont want to spend all night on here lol plus have some study/essay writing to et through anyway :-(


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