Dec. 10th, 2008 08:59 am
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It's that meme. You know the one, where you take the first sentence from the first entry of each month of 2008; and then you call it the '2008 meme.' Taken from [ profile] moonvoice though am sure it is and will be going around *S*

January - Well is just hitting midnight here, so HNY for now to those local, and for whenever it is for everyone else...

February - aaaagggghhhh!!!! *bangs head on desk*

March - Blogging boosts your social life: research

April - its done... I relented... am now on Facebook lol... like I really needed another online distraction when am meant to be working or studying lol

May - Ok, first some background, for anyone thats not local... or that is but has had their head buried and not heard of this

June - :-/ confused, frustrated, unsure...

July - Ok, for anyone in perth who is up and about just after 8am tomorrow morning, try listening to RTR FM 92.1 *S* no not me but my brother is going to be on promoting his band/music stuff...

August - I checked it out, and found my house, can see my bedroom window, my car and my brothers car parked in the carport, plus the previous flatmates car parked on the verge...

September - any other twitterers out there?

October - Saturday night... home, on facebook and livejournal, while doing laundry... god isnt my life exciting :-(

November - Ok, for the record, my tipping for the Cup today...

December - What I did on my weekend... ok was going to break into a Cheech & Chong Sister mary Elephant type routine/essay there, but I dare say it would be wasted on this crowd :-P showing my age again lol


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