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... that all I need to do is buy expensive cologne, and I'll get laid, no matter what my other faults/strengths/whatever...

apparently anyway :-P LOL
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... that theres no need to go for these massive long power-walks for exercise... just go wandering the shops lol with the size of half of these major shopping centres these days, thats all the exercise you need! For today in particular it was Belmont, Booragoon and Cannington for those Perthites lol

Anyway eventually got the bedding I wanted at the sale prices... will post before and after pics later lol
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Went yesterday, heard a few speeches from other experts on environmental and climate change matters, and they were awesome and inspiring...

But then, to just be in the presence of this awesome, inspirational, amazing, outstanding human being...

to hear him talk, his humility, his humour, his graciousness, his kindness, his compassion... I think I spent the whole time he was listening just focussed and intent, but with a huge smile on my face...

News article covering the session I was at

Article covering some of that but more on the later session held that evening

So, whenever am in need of a push, to get inspiration and motivation back into my life, I'll be looking back and remembering this moment... and then looking forward and taking that into the future...

Much love to all my friends...
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... that no matter what mood your in, no matter what your doing, no matter how tired you may feel... you cant listen to Stevie Wonder's Master Blaster (Jammin') and not find yourself moving and dancing and jiving and just relaxing and smiling...

Actually, him and his mondern-day sound-a-like Jamiroquai, most of there stuff does it to me every time... think this must be my feel god music that I should go to when flat *S*

and yes [ profile] greenforest_elf despite what we discussed the other day I was actually moving and dancing, without being drunk *S* lol well ok I had one can of bourbon n coke earlier this evening
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... not to go to Officeworks on a Saturday, particularly if your going to need help/assistance...


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