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Ok, progress pics under the cut... so come laugh, cause I know it looks ridiculous, and a reminder why I should never try to grow facial hair :-)

then go sponsor and donate at my Movember page... with thanks to those that already have *S*

pics under the cut, all worksafe... well in that sense anyway ;-) )
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Want to know whats really annoying? spend 2-3 hours driving to get all the way to the top of Mt Buller (for those not sure, one of Australias top ski resorts in winter, big for mountain biking etc in summer, but now in spring just for awesome mountain views) getting to see the great views, loving it, pulling out the camera... and having it die after a handful of shots :-( dammit!!!!! not sure how good those few were, cant be bothered looking now, will check when I get back, but dammit now am without a camera

and what makes it even more annoying, just checked the canon website, guess what, 12 month warranty... and guess how long ago I bought it? yup, just over a year ago!!! bastards!!!!!!!!!!! Think they offered an extended warranty when I bought it too but I knocked it back, will have to check when I get back home...

might have to re-evaluate now, was looking at a new mobile, if the camera is buggered I might fork out for a better mobile with a top quality lens/camera like the N95

anyway last night here at the YHA, off along the ocean road and to SA tomorrow, back home sunday night, not sure what the net chances are like between here and there so might be on less, will see
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Well had been over here 8 days, hadnt broken out and used the camera once... then went out today and took 142 pics and a couple of minutes of video on my camera... mind you most were taken from a moving train so probably blurry and not useable lol will see later...

but yeah today went up and rode on the old steam train the Puffing Billy, goes up through the forest and into the hills, took it all the way through to this lovely old country town called Gembrook, all old stile buildings and cafes, plus a nice native bushland walk just on the edge of town... and then train back again... being a quieter day the train driver stops on one of the better curves over an old tressle bridge and lets those who want off for, backs up, and then comes past again so they can take shots of it going past at full steam... got video of this both times he did it, so if they came out ok may post when I get back home, will post the best of the still shots then as well (glad I picked that typo up before I posted, in shots I had typed an I instead of O lol)


Sep. 9th, 2007 05:57 pm
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Ok, I know some of these have been posted here before in dribs and drabs, but finally today had a chance to sit down and go through all the pics "S" took back in June (over 100 of them in total!) and went through and took out what i thought was the cream of the crop...

again thanks to "S" for her time and talent, some great shots... nice to have some flattering photo's that do me justice! lol

The full gallery here

Thoughts/comments/feedback always welcome, including what you think works and doesn't *S*
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While I was out and about on the shopping trip on Tuesday, I picked up some lunch and stopped off at the South Perth foreshore to sit and eat and relax and enjoy the view... when suddenly I found myself with some company lol

Not high quality pics, just taken with my phone instead of my usual camera...
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and another... more to come later...

under the cut again )


Jun. 18th, 2007 12:42 am
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a few more of the new pics, thanks to photographer "S" who also fiddled and flitered with some them a little...

under the cut )

Questions, comments, feedback all welcome *S* either personal, or for "S" and will pass those on...


Jun. 15th, 2007 05:15 pm
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some new shots taken today... thanks to the photographer "S" for that, a lot easier to relax and take a good shot when you have someone else to run the camera, rather than have to set your shot. then the timer, then run into position, doing it all yourself lol

plus "S" is damn good at what she does, for someone doing it just for fun, have seen her photos just getting better and better... so thanks "S" (yeah I know you'll be here lurking and watching ;-) lol)

more to come later, just a couple for now...

pics here (all worksafe) )
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Hmmm guess I didn't scrub up too bad last night... lol actually turned out to be a couple of semi-decent pics... still need some better/more flattering ones though maybe...

under cut for size only, all work safe )
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Was out and about taking pics with S again on Thursday night (same friend I was out with for these shots in this post here ), an enjoyable relaxing night with some good company *S* and a few fun shots... not that I am the camera/photo addict she is lol but enjoyed, will have to do it more often...

pics under the cut (just for size reasons) )

Day trip

Feb. 22nd, 2007 11:27 pm
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Caught up with a friend and went for a drive Wednesday afternoon, down south from here down via Canning Dam, Serpentine Dam (and a late picnic lunch), down through Dwellingup and the burnt out areas mentioned in previous posts, then through Pinjarra and back home... a nice relaxing afternoon with pleasant sites and pleasant company... and managed to snap a few shots *S* so enjoy

rest of the gallery here
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Had a thunderstorm through this evening, a few lightning strikes which started some fires, not close enough to cause danger but close enough so I can smell the smoke..

anyway tried to take a few pics, a couple came out ok... and yeah I know I need a tripod of some sort for taking these pics in future *S*

all in a dark night sky, so any light you see in the clouds is from the lightning...

more under here )

more pics

Jan. 2nd, 2007 12:38 am
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Couple of personal pics taken during christmas lunch...

Work safe, just cut for size )

New pics

Apr. 18th, 2006 02:18 pm
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Got bored, so a few pics taken today, thought I'd share....

first, Christmas present from the parents this year, personalised plates for the car *S*

annd then some personal pics.... probably from best to worst (ok best to least best then lol) in order.... well to my eye anyway *S*

all work safe, just cut for size... )

new pics

Dec. 28th, 2005 09:55 pm
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Just got hold of a few pics taken christmas day... hopefully between these and the earlier ones here theres going to be at least one or two decent ones I can use for whatever :-)

Recent pics under here )


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