Mar. 3rd, 2008 10:53 pm
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Well the new study period starts today, so got full access to all the unit details. This period am trying taking on 3 units at a time instead of 4, so we'll see how that goes...

Globalisation: The Asia Pacific and Australia
Australian Politics in a Global Context
Perspectives on Security and Terrorism

The downside is of the 3 units 2 have end of semester exams... both of which are meant to be on the same day, one morning one afternoon :-( not great lol

The good is that of the 3 units, 1 is on a different time schedule than the other 2, so essays due on different weeks... of the other 2, the essays are due the same week, but ones due on Mondays the other on fridays, so spreads them out well...


Feb. 3rd, 2008 11:17 pm
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done... thankfully... struggled with that essay, late, and ended up a few hundred words short of the suggested 2500 words (ok ok was closer to 2000 lol) but I did use 8-9 reference articles instead of the suggested minimum 4-5, including pulling in 1-2 from elsewhere in the unit instead of what was just on the recommended readings for this particular essay, so that should help...

Anyway, time to take a few days away from study to clear my head and catch up on some other stuff I'm behind on, before throwing myself into getting ready for the end of semester assignments due in about 3 weeks time
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aaaagggghhhh!!!! *bangs head on desk*

damn this essay...
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other units now official and a Distinction as well... so guess am happy with that lol I mean part of me is just happy to have passed and got through, though I have others telling me how hard a Distinction is to get so I should be real happy bout it lol


Jan. 9th, 2008 06:00 pm
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Ok, got the unit results on the second unit, where I didn't think i did so well on the exam... ended up with 70% overall, which was a Distinction, so happy with that *G*


Dec. 21st, 2007 02:54 pm
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Ok, as of yesterday work was done and completed until after christmas... as of about 5 minutes ago essay done and submitted so study is now done until after christmas... well ok will have to get some done over the next few days, but set/assigned work is at least out of the way so can pick and choose when lol

so now in wind down mode... still have some christmas shopping to take care of which am not looking forward to, but nothing major and all stuff I can work around if I cant find...

but now hopefully to spend a few days catching up with people/friends...
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ok, you can tell am not studying maths lol try again, 80 % for the 2 essays and 76% for the essay, should result in 78-79% overall (essays were wroth 30% each of the total and exam 40%)... think thats right lol
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Well the exam I thought I had done well on, just got the results back, 76%... would have liked over 80, but I guess happy with that *S*

full unit results wont come through til next month, but with 80% on the 2 essays and now 76% on the exam, should still get 74-75% overall, which should be a distinction... yeah guess I can settle with that for my first unit! lol

now back to my essay for my current unit...
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forgot to mention the exam lol... am tired and drained, first exam in 15+ years lol havent had to sit and write by hand that much in ages...

think I did ok, this exam was 2 small essays of bout 800 words each... think I did pretty well on the first but struggled a little more on the second... but they are worth 20% of the final mark each, the 2 essays during the course were worth 30% each, and I got 80% on both of those, so even if I get a decent mark on the first one only thats going to get me at least a CR for the unit hopefully, if not a Distinction or higher... heres hoping anyway lol


Nov. 26th, 2007 08:33 am
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ok just getting details for the 2 new units starting today... one on Internet studies and the other History of Australia... in the later, have 2 essays then a take home exam, first essay 1000 words which is fine, next is 2500 words!!! agghhh!!! lol then the take homer exam is 2000 words! but then thats 2 questions, so 2 x 1000 words which isnt too bad...

hmmm and the internet studies one, the first and third assignments have to be either a website/page or a blog! woohoo I get to blog for my study! lol


Nov. 2nd, 2007 12:28 pm
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Essay and assignments done and in... now to go enjoy myself for a bit!
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Last minute rush on an essay again... partly cause this part of the unit I just struggled with a little more, more so than the first part... not so much that I didn't totally understand or comprehend, just that it didn't really strike a chord with me the way that a lot of stuff in the first module did... which made it hard to focus and get going on the essay, to find a line and direction...

But last minute rush and done and in, though was uploaded 1 minute and 58 seconds after the set time of 3pm est... so hopefully that wont hurt too much... that and the fact its possibly a tad shorter then required (though still borderline within guidelines) and definitely not as well reviewed/drafted/re-read as it could or should be... i really need to find a way to get motivated and writing earlier on these things...

Ah well, time to take a break and clear the mind some I think...


Oct. 12th, 2007 07:28 pm
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Ok, those Uni assignments came back... 80% on one, a Distinction-/distinction on the other, and only a credit on the 3rd piece of work but considering how rushed and late it was (and most of the stuff i was marked down on was exactly cause of that) am happy with that... in fact more than happy with all those makrs *G* woohoo!!! lol

Now next time I just have to leave myself a little more time so I can finish it properly!!! lol

But is nice to get those first ones back with good marks and feedback, at least know am heading in the right direction *G*


Sep. 20th, 2007 09:46 pm
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My Uni student ID card arrived today!!! lol well the bit of paper that will become my card anyway, I need to provide a photo and laminate it myself lol but then I can go get discount and get in on the cheap everywhere *G*

LOL and no thats not the ONLY reason i went back to study...


Aug. 21st, 2007 05:46 pm
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And so it starts... lol well ok the study period doesn't start til monday next week lol but first pack of info arrived today, have my Murdoch log-in details for the first unit, though as its all online wont be able to access most of it til next week... but having logged in and now having a uni e-mail am feeling more official! lol

Other unit is meant to be all mailed out material, so imagine that should be arriving shortly... now just have to order and track down the text book for the first unit and am set to go! well relatively anyway lol... oh and have a meet&greet/orientation session next monday evening as well...

Starting to wonder what the hell I have gotten myself in for actually lol right now am sitting balanced between excitement and fear... just trying to harvest the best part of both of those emotions...
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Ok, weekend over, another week begins...

Got an e-mail invite to an OUA orientation night/meet being held at Curtin in a couple of weeks, so may as well head off to that and scope some stuff out...

Trying to track down some info as to how the OUA exams and study periods work so I can finish booking/planning my holiday, trying to find out if the exams happen inside the 13 week study period or if they happen in the week or so after, overlapping with the next SP (as the next one starts straight away)... am assuming probably the later but want to make sure before I book flights/rooms, the good thing with the online study is I can still study while away, but exams might be harder to work in

alright back to some work...
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Well ok, its done, enrolled for Uni study *G* via Open Universities Australia

Starting with 2 units...

Introduction to University Learning

Australian Studies: Images of Australia 1A

Just for a start/feel anyway, will decide later on whether to do the Bachelor Arts major in either Internet Studies, Politics/History, Asia, or Security/Terrorism... or some combination of 2...


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