Jan. 12th, 2010

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Ok, after a couple of weeks holiday away, am back home, so time to really focus on and start the new year... not so much a new years resolution type deal with too many rules and definitions, but still a chance to renew, refresh, motivate, evolve

So, one area will be here in LJ with my blog... looking back over the last year, especially the second half, I know my posting here did become very sporadic and limited and, well, superficial in many ways, as much or more just pics and jokes and songs as anything with substance. Not to say that there isnt still a place for that or that I'd ever stop posting those :-) but like all things its a matter of balance. I think at least in part thats cause I havent felt as drawn to LJ as I used to, that for me it's lost a lot of the sense of community I used to feel.

Now this definitely is not a shot at any of my friends here, many who have been along for the ride for such a long time, quite the opposite, your part of what has made the journey so enjoyable for so long :-) and I value all of you, but like anything or anywhere things can become stagnant without refreshing and renewal, as with any social group or friendship, some people will move on or drift away to something or somewhere different.

So, rambling along, to the point I was aiming for lol... time to do a little pimping out of myself I think, to expand and find new journals to read, personal or community. If any of you have people or places out there that you think are worth adding, reading, knowing, that I dont already have, then feel free to mention or suggest them, and/or just pimp/promote/suggest me wherever lol

Think with all this I'll probably look at doing a layout and format and colour redesign as well, just to freshen things up and as part of the renewal... so again, watch this space :-)


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